Friday, August 19, 2011

Harga 2011 Hyundai Grand Avega

Harga 2011 Hyundai Grand Avega

Performances IIMS 2011 auto show grand bridge made ​​by Hyundai Mobil Indonesia (HI) on changes in mission and vision in product innovation.

HMI displays Hyundai vehicle that is handicap their innovation in creating awareness of disabled consumers. Here, Hyundai showed that such features could be installed on all their products.

Grand Avega use the 1400 cc engine, DOHC, 108 hp powered. This machine is picked from the Hyundai i20, but has improved so that power is greater ECU 8 hp. Torque 13.9 kgm.

There will be two transmission choices: 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic shiftronic (claimed to be the only one in his class).

Price Grand Avega manual transmission IDR 160 million. While the automatic version is more expensive Rp 10 million IDR.

In other countries the name Grand Avega Hyundai Accent 5-door hatchback.

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