Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Harga Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Baru

Harga Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Baru 

This is the car that stole the attention of today's society. In fact, variants Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is within a short time has become the backbone of Mitsubishi sales in Indonesia.

Pajero Sport is less than four years of extraordinary popularity skyrocketed. Sales continue to trail his nemesis in the family SUV segment, Toyota Fortuner.

Fortuner is still ahead with 925 million units, but are increasingly depleted. What exactly is the key to success Pajero Sport line-up this? Chances are PT KTB foresight in presenting the various types to meet various customer segments.

This model is favored because of the automatic transmission and a more affordable price. Popularity automatic car when it's already exceeded the manual. However, it does not mean enthusiasts out a manual transmission. The proof, Pajero Sport GLS 4x2 MT (Rp361 million) sold 50 units, still quite a lot.

While this type 4x4 GLX MT (Rp412 million) which is more niche only sold 5 units. The buyer may be many of those who wrestle in the area of ​​offroad. In addition to the three standard types, PT KTB also released two types of Dakar that not only looks more sporty, are also increasingly powerful and sophisticated engine.

The proof, Pajero Sport Dakar (PSD) Hi-Power 4x2 (Rp408 million) got pretty good response at IIMS 2011. This car sold for up to 128 unit.Sementara other models, the Hi-Power Dakar 4x4 AT AT (Rp468 million) which is also targeting segmented model was sold 6 units.

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